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Baba Aloe Moisturising Cream 250ml - Save £3.00 £9.99
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Snail Gel, Baba Aloe Moisturising Cream 250ml

Rub liberally into desired area of face, neck or body until completely absorbed.

General Snail Gel properties

The active ingredients regenerates skin cells giving an incredible and wonderful effect smoothing out your skin. The  active ingredients in Helix Aspersa is rich in various vitamins and minerals which it uses to repair its own shell. It is widely used in medicine, dermatology and cosmetic areas with optimum results.

Proteins have a similar composition to human skin, Vitamins A,C,E and possible treatments are for cuts, burns, uv exposure. Reduces wrinkles and hidden marks on the skin. Smoothes and softens skin.Reduces dark spots and has a deep effect on stretchmarks. Strenghtens the growth of hair making it stronger and brighter and can also help reduce cellulite.



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